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When your records show that all IARFP certification requirements have been satisfied, you will be sent a Congratulation Letter that officially authorizes you to use the IARFP marks.

The IARFP carefully monitors all usage of the marks in order to ensure their integrity. IARFP views unauthorized use of the marks as an extremely serious matter and is prepared to take whatever steps necessary to protect them.  Premature use could jeopardize one’s ultimate right to use the marks.  It is a standard policy of the IARFP, in cases of unauthorized use of the marks by candidates, to deny authorization for at least a period of time equal to that of the unauthorized use.

Use of IARFP marks is restricted to certificants who are authorized to have such rights by IARFP.

The IARFP reserve the right to take legal actions against any misuses of the IARFP marks and misrepresentation of matters related to IARFP.



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