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As the professional body awarding the REGIESTER FINANCIAL PLANNER mark gobally, the IARFP has set up a rigorous certification process to ensure that all candidates satisfy all requirements.

The IARFP have four such requirements, called the 4Es standards. They include:
To be eligible for the IARFP Certification Examination, all candidates must complete a comprehensive education program at anyone of the IARFP Approved Education Providers offering the IARFP Certification Education Program.  

Once the candidates complete the education program, they can write the IARFP Examination. The IARFP Certification Examination covers the following areas: financial planning; insurance planning; investment planning; tax planning and best practices for financial planners.

All candidates for IARFP Certification need to have a minimum number of years of qualified experience.
All candidates for IARFP Certification must agree to comply with the IARFP’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice for R.F.P.s that sets forth their ethical responsibilities to the public, clients and employers.

IARFP also performs a background check during this process, and each candidate for IARFP certification must disclose any investigations or legal proceedings related to their professional or business conduct. This is enforced through the IARFP Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.
Annual Renewal Process
IARFP certification does not end upon attainment. IARFP certificates are required to undergo a renewal process to maintain technical competence and to fulfill ethical obligations. This includes continuing education requirements of 30 hours annually, covering at least two disciplines in addition to Professional Ethics.

IARFP Certificate Application Form
IRFP Cross-Border Policy

This cross-border IARFP certification process applies to territories in which IARFP has entered into a licensing and affiliation agreement with a nonprofit organization, or its equivalent, to administer the IARFP certification program.


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