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What is a Personal Financial Planner?

Personal financial planning focuses of the individual – all the financial and non-financial factors that impact a person’s life.  Although each financial planning practitioner has his or her own style, every member of the IARFP is dedicated to providing comprehensive, impartial advice that takes all factors into consideration.

What is the difference between Financial Advice and Financial Planning?

Financial advice comes in many forms and from many sources.  Your accountant might offer tax tips; your lawyer may suggest estate planning tips; your banker might recommend a new type of funds.  A professional financial planner, on the other hand, thoroughly reviews and analyses all of the aspects of your financial state of affairs and prepare comprehensive individualized plan to help you achieve financial security in the long term.

Who Needs Financial Planning?

Do not think that financial planning is only for multi-millionaires.  You do not need to have accumulated a lot of money to turn to financial planning.  You may start as soon as you are financially independent.  More and more ordinary men and women have recognized the importance of starting financial planning early to benefit themselves and their families.  Starting financial planning early has the advantage of achieving your life goals ahead of others who do not.


They are holding a R.F.P. certificate issued by The International Association of Registered Financial Planners or affiliated institutes around the world.  They will, if you permit, review all of your financial planning needs including savings, investment, insurance, retirement, estate and tax planning, etc.  This comprehensive approach to find solutions for your financial goals sets the R.F.P. professionals apart from other financial advisers, who may have been trained to focus only on a particular area of your financial needs.

Take The First Step into A Bright Future

Starting financial planning and choosing a financial adviser may be one of the most important decisions you make for yourself and your family.

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